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3/27: Manos: The Hands of Fate


Thursday, 3/27: 10:30 PM

The Drinking Game:
  1. Drink whenever you see the couple that has nothing to do with the plot.
  2. Drink whenever Torgo says "Master".
  3. Drink whenever something goes on for way too long and the only way to make it bearable is to drink.
The Film:

In 1966, Texas insurance salesman Harold P. Warren told a screenwriter that horror movies required so little skill that anyone could make one.  The screenwriter bet him that Warren couldn't do it.  Twenty-thousand dollars later (mostly raised by selling stock in the film), Warren had won the bet and unwittingly made cinematic history with this little tale of a couple kidnapped by a polygamous cult.

No one is sure where that money went: not for equipment, because they only used one spring-driven camera that could only shoot 32 seconds of film at a time; not for sound, because all the dialogue was dubbed later by only three people; not for actors because Warren played the lead and many of the others were his friends.  Possibly Warren went on a pre-production peyote-and-hooker filled bender during the script writing process, because that is the only way this terrible a film could cost $20,000.

To give you an idea of what to expect, it includes a driving sequence that goes on forever (Warren had planned to put credits there but didn't), a henchman named Torgo that twitches like a crack addict and a truly hilarious sequence where Manos' many wives get into an nighty-clad catfight that mostly involves pushing and rolling around in the dirt.  On its opening night, the audience laughed so much that most of the cast and crew snuck out of the theater.

The couple's daughter--Debbie--was played by Jackey Raye Neyman, daughter to the actor who played Manos.  She currently has her own blog about her experience with Manos and provides a fascinating account of how Warren found his cast and crew, including how her father also provided the dog in the film, along with the car the family drives.  Manos' wives, we learn, were all recruited from a local modeling school, and the entire movie was edited in one six hour session using the editing equipment at a local television station.  So, perhaps if Warren had more time and money, he could have produced something better.  We are eternally grateful that he didn't.

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